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Omnicraft is Ford's newest parts brand, specifically designed and engineered to fit a wide range of non-Ford makes and models. Omnicraft gives you the capability to service a wider range of car brands with high-quality parts, minus a premium price tag.

Omnicraft comes to you with a breadth of knowledge and experience. Now, more than ever before, your customers will have convenient access to high-quality parts. Priced competitively to help yield higher profit, Omnicraft can help grow your business and provide comprehensive service to your customers.

  • Confidence – your reputation for providing quality parts a competitive price from Ford and Ford Motorcraft is sure to give customers more confidence in the Omnicraft range.
  • Competitive pricing – the competitively-priced Omnicraft range makes no compromises on quality, fit and performance.
  • Quality – As part of the Ford family of parts, Omnicraft comes fortified with the reliable Ford brand heritage and quality guarantee.
  • Convenience – Find the parts you need for Ford and non-Ford in one place, helping you get jobs done faster and keep your customers satisfied.

As we grow, the Omnicraft range will include more parts to satisfy your customers’ needs. All Omnicraft parts are high quality and engineered to fit a wide range of makes and models, which can help enhance overall customer satisfaction and expand your business.

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